Melding Beauty With Nature: Meet Antonio Mora

Melding Beauty With Nature: Meet Antonio Mora

A creative art director since 1995, Antonio Mora found himself gradually gravitating towards the more artistic realm of his profession, concocting stunning portraits superimposed with breathtaking landscapes and scenes of nature. His work is inspired by the notion that art is made to disturb the conscience?

Needless to say, Antonio’s style is ahead of the curve in more ways than one, which has attracted several high-profile collectors, like actress Nina Dobrev, designers, magazines and websites, like The Zoe Report. Each one of his pieces depicts the ethereal juxtaposition of a dream world and reality. To accomplish this, he uses digital collage to create unified textures, which merges both photographs.

It’s all about diving into your imagination and letting it do the interpreting! We recently sat down with Antonio to find out more about his unique body of work.


What inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve always had an artistic temperament. Being creative has always been a major part of my profession as an art director and graphic designer–but I had never considered myself an “artist”. Now, I stimulate the artistic senses of those who see my work, so I inspire them as well.

The main themes in your images are women and nature. What inspired you to work with those elements and bring them together?

They themselves have come to me. The subjects choose me and not the other way around. I guess I find inspiration in the beauty, and inadvertently, it brings me to the images that entice me–expressiveness and beauty of the female face, the depth of a forest, the feeling of loneliness that follows a gorge between mountains or the grandiosity and balance from the sea. When everything merges into a new being, the expression explodes!

Tell us about your creative process.

I browse hundreds of photos, instinctively looking for a potential melting point between two. I try again and again in vain, but sometimes, I am quickly drawn to what I was looking for. I then work with Photoshop because it has the tools that allow me to visually capture the moment and achieve the desired effect.



How would you describe your new art featured on Citizen Atelier?

I think the collection includes more mature works, without fear of color. It perfectly complements the prints that have been part of the Atelier for a while. Each piece reflects a more refined style and technique.

In your eyes, what role does art play in a home?

The advent of art and digital printing techniques have changed the concept of art at home. Artistic works seem absolutely essential to generate the desired atmosphere in every corner of a house.

As an artist, what legacy do you hope to leave behind?

I hope not to sound too presumptuous, but so many people of different faiths and cultures tell me that they feel very inspired by my works; they throb in their hearts and I am very proud to produce these beautiful, lasting sensations. I will quote Horace: “exegi monumentum aere perennius,” which means “I have made a monument more lasting than bronze.”


Explore Antonio’s new works here!

(Photo via Griffiths Design Studio)
(Photo via Griffiths Design Studio)


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