Wanderluster At Heart: Travel Photographer Anna Argiropoulos

Wanderluster At Heart: Travel Photographer Anna Argiropoulos

Anna Argiropoulos, the Toronto-based branding visionary behind the blog Anna With Love, is a woman of many trades. After a life-changing trip to Paris, she added “travel photographer” to her resume, and has since established herself as an artist with a bright and whimsical aesthetic admired by an impressive 91,000 followers on Instagram alone.

We’re thrilled to introduce Anna’s Greece collection–a beautifully bright and airy series depicting the country’s unique characteristics–with an exclusive new interview on her infectious wanderlust, finding inspiration in new places and more.

Explore the collection, with pieces starting from $30, now available here on Citizen Atelier.

(Photo via Anna With Love)
(Photo via Anna With Love)


What’s your story, Anna Argiropoulos?

I’m a Toronto-based portrait lifestyle and travel photographer. My art prints are my passion project because I have a deep love of travel (really, who doesn’t?!) I believe in filling your home with artwork that inspires, motivates and encourages.

What inspired you to become a travel photographer?

In short, Paris. I first arrived in Paris in 2009 and it was quite literally love at first sight. At the time, I had a little point and shoot, and fell in love with the beauty of the city. I couldn’t put my camera down and when I got back to Toronto, I kept dreaming of going back. I did go back about 6 months later and because I had so many images, I decided to start a photography blog to share them. That’s how it all began! I’ve always loved traveling and exploring new places; I just started capturing the beauty I was seeing to bring home with me. I loved that I could bottle up the inspiration of Paris, Italy or Greece and have that moment forever captured.

Greece series: "Omorfia", starting from $30. Available here.
(The Greece Collection: “Omorfia”. Shop here)


What are your favourite cities to shoot?

Paris. Second favourite: London

How would you describe your creative process?

When I first started, there was no process. I would wake up early before the streets were filled with people and walk and wander. Now, it’s a bit more planned. I’m often traveling back to places I’ve been to before and know what I want to capture. I do like to block off time for the unexpected finds. That’s usually when my favourite photos are created; the ones that happen by exploring and by accident.

You’ve established yourself as a branding thought-leader. Would you say that aesthetic inspires your artwork?

I would say it was vice versa! My artwork is what inspired my brand. I love pops of colour; it makes me feel alive and inspires me every day. When it came time to brand myself, it was very easy to draw inspiration from my photography.

(Photo via Anna With Love)
(Photo via Anna With Love)


What role do you feel art plays in a home?

It’s everything! It sets the tone. In our home, everything is white, but we have my artwork all over the walls, which is bright and colourful. It really makes it stand out. And when people visit, they spend a good amount of time gazing at all the photographs. This usually leads to the telling of stories, their favourite places, which photo is their favourite and why. I love that artwork can lead to wonderful conversations.

What message do you hope to send through your art?

Happiness. I love when I hear people who own a photograph of mine say they always look at it when they are having their morning coffee, and it makes them happy. If my artwork can inspire people to daydream a little, I’m thrilled.

Any upcoming projects to look out for?

Yes! We have more trips booked this year, so you can look out for some new work from Charleston, South Carolina and Greece. We also have a passion project in the works, which we’ve titled, Into The Woods.

(Photo via Anna With Love)
(Photo via Anna With Love)

(Feature photo: “Fira Town”, starting from $30. Shop the print here)