Cali-Cool Photographer Jane Wilder

Cali-Cool Photographer Jane Wilder

California-based photographer Jane Wilder’s coveted style is without a doubt, a thing of magic. From the Mojave Desert to the state’s most beautiful coastlines, her ability to showcase the ethereal side of the desert–sprawling Joshua trees, cacti and palm plants–in such a soft light makes her work uniquely Cali-cool.

Having earned a BFA and MFA in art, Wilder is perpetually inspired by interior design and loves beautifying architectural spaces with photographs of the “outside world”. Her stunning collection of desert prints–now available on Citizen Atelier–add an effortless touch of whimsy and edge to a space.

We recently chatted with Jane about her love of California, creative process and the important role art plays in a home.


What’s your story, Jane Wilder?

I’m an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I was born and raised here and haven’t lived anywhere but California! I find it very difficult to leave and now that my art-making process has really embraced the California landscape, I love it even more so.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I took photography classes in high school and then studied fine art photography in college. I have always felt connected to it in a spiritual way; I feel it connects me to the present in a way that nothing else can. Photography makes me look at and appreciate my surroundings and the beautiful diversity of the landscape that I call home.

What drew you to capture the beauty of Californian landscapes?

I have a love for the outdoors that spans back to childhood and spending long summer days outside. California has such an amazing source of sunlight and I really love the intensity of the light here. It also has one of the most diverse landscapes since it spans so much of the western edge of the continent; I find it to be a total photogenic playground.

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is extremely fluid. It usually starts with a long walk with my camera. That’s really all I need to become inspired. I love traveling to different parts of California and exploring what this vast state has to offer on an earthly and botanical level; but it’s not necessary to travel to create good art. I can find something to photograph in my backyard, or even just around the neighborhood, and it can be as significant as a photo taken when traveling.

What role do you think art plays in a home?

Art has the ability to create conversation, wonder, and totally change a space. I love working with collectors, designers, and curators to add interest and beauty to indoor spaces. Landscape and natural botanical forms can have such power when brought into the home. With the right combination of light and color, it can be magical!

What message do you hope to send through your art?

I hope Wilder California inspires people to pay more attention to their surroundings and the beauty of the natural world. As simple as that sounds, I think it’s important.

As an artist, what legacy do you hope to leave behind?

I’m not too concerned with leaving a legacy, I’m more concerned with connecting, creating, and beautifying space with those that I’m sharing the planet with currently. I suppose art has the potential to inspire future generations to take care of the Earth and natural world. I hope my work inspires people to get outdoors and enjoy it while we have it.


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(Photo via Dallavita)
(Photo via Dallavita)
(Photo via Wilder California)
(Photo via Wilder California)