My Loft Tour On MyDomaine

My Loft Tour On MyDomaine

I’m so thrilled to share that my former loft tour is featured today on MyDomaine! This home, located in the Unity building in Montreal’s Quartier International, has always had such a special place in my heart. Growing up, I always dreamed of living in a Parisian-inspired apartment in Old Montreal.

A few years ago, when I was traveling often for work, I decided to pare down my belongings; I only kept what was either functional or beautiful (even my closet was kept super curated!). I found this beautifully furnished loft owned and designed by Creative Flats, an innovative Montreal-based company owned by Nathalie Bouchard and creative director-stylist Annie Horth. I had an instant “coup-coeur” (love at first sight). I hadn’t ever seen anything like it in the city; it was truly a reflection of my aesthetic, and I felt I was meant to live there. I had truly not seen anything else like it within my home city.

Naturally, one of the ways I personalized the space was by incorporating a good number of art pieces from my art gallery Citizen Atelier. I’ve always loved feminine, surrealist photography that makes you dream. Over the years, I’ve also accumulated a collection of objects and accessories from my travels (I always try to get one piece whenever I visit a new city), which I included throughout the space to make it feel like home.

The 780 square foot industrial loft also featured 11-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed pipes, and lacquered beige cement floors. Designed with a high-contrast, monochromatic approach, it had a New York City apartment meets classic Parisian home feel, with gorgeous handmade doors and mix of mid-century furniture and vintage finds.

The loft was originally featured in Canada’s Style At Home magazine. See the full post on MyDomaine here.

TheDining Room

The dining area and hand-crafted Parisian-style doors were my favorite elements of the space. I spent many days working at that dining table, facing the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The double-sided beige doors opened up to a larger connecting apartment owned by Creative Flats. I always referred to them as the “doorways to Narnia”, as they seemed dreamy and mysterious. When I later took a peek at the other apartment (which was often rented out by very exclusive guests), it surpassed all my expectations. It was beautifully curated and featured two walls of the signature floor-to-ceiling windows.

The above photo of myself features three of my loved pieces from my gallery – our Magnus Gjoen Roses are Dead (Broken) silkscreen print, They Still Bloom by Amy Friend and Mallard Wing by Sean Gallagher.

TheLiving Room

The living room area was beautifully curated by Nathalie Bouchard and Annie Horth and always inspired me as well, featuring a layered mix of mid-century finds including a vintage Chesterfield sofa, wood coffee table, vintage vase and custom gallery wall.

The couch faced a console, placed against a free-standing wall painted black. I incorporated two of my favourite Ashley Woodson Bailey limited-edition floral prints (Dutch Love and Banks) on both sides of the television to help camouflage it. The brass elephant was a find from a trip to Thailand in my early twenties.

The Office

The office area was another one of my favorite parts of the space. I selected a gorgeous oversized limited-edition print from the gallery, entitled Angel 4 by Zena Holloway. An angelic woman floating underwater seems like a dream, but the artist really brings it to life in this series. This particular piece has always been a reminder for me to make the impossible possible in both my life and my work.

Accessories on my desk included a vintage Chapman’s horn lamp found in Paris, as well as a simple feather from one of my favorite vintage stores in the city, L’Objet Qui Parle.

This alternate view of the dining area shows a small cabinet with another art print propped on top: En Las Nubes by Antonio Mora. As the loft has limited storage, I kept almost my entire wardrobe in those few drawers!


The bistro-style kitchen was an absolute beauty. Nathalie Bouchard and Annie Horth made some renovations, including installing new Carrera marble counters and backsplash, painting the facades in anthracite, and building a closet to hide the fridge and washer/drawer with simple sliding doors. The floors were painted with a checkered black and white pattern.

The three pieces of art I incorporated on the counter are from another artist on Citizen Atelier, named Erika Masterson (from left to right: Keeper, Splendor and Sanctuary).

The Bedroom

The bedroom was cozy and quiet, demarcated from the rest of the space with the free-standing wall and a black curtain. The brick wall was painted black to further delineate, add warmth and create a cocooning effect. The industrial windows overlooked a beautiful courtyard. Incorporated into the bedding was my custom-made hand-painted pillows by Hollie Cooper and a faux-fur brown blanket. I leaned another beloved piece art, Prelude by Rebeca Cygnus on the window sill.

The whole space breathed so much depth, character and soul. A perfect backdrop for creative work.


All photos by Ashley Capp. Styling by Nicola Marc. Owned and designed by Creative Flats, Nathalie Bouchard and Annie Horth

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ANGEL 4 by Zena Holloway ANGEL 4 by Zena Holloway
BANKS by Ashley Woodson Bailey BANKS by Ashley Woodson Bailey