Floral Magic: Artist Simone Webb

Floral Magic: Artist Simone Webb

Magical, enchanting and inspiring. These are only a few of the lovely words that can describe Simone Webb’s artwork.

Based in Newscastle Upon Tyne, England, Simone spends her days creating limited-edition prints and originals based on themes of flora and fauna. After studying fine art, she segued into graphic design and illustration before moving back to her fine art roots.

Simone’s art juxtaposes the beautiful with the morbid, offering euphoric moments emerging from stark backgrounds graced with fragile flowers. The most significant element of her work is the fact that it captures fleeting moments in nature; she seeks to create something of more permanence through her art, which can be observed at any time.

We recently chatted with Simone to get more insight into her creative process and more.


What’s your story, Simone Webb?

I’ve always been creative from a young age, so becoming an artist seemed like a natural choice. From there, it was a matter of working hard and taking the right steps to lead me where I am today.

What inspired you to work with a floral and fauna theme?

Whilst I love flowers, I’m really not very green-thumbed myself, which left any attempts to keep any flora alive ending in failure; and so, this led me to think about creating something that would last eternally. After looking into this more, the fauna naturally fell into place.

(Molten Ecru)
(Molten Ecru)
(Blushing Pallor)
(Blushing Pallor)

Take us through your creative process.

It all really depends on how the idea comes about as to how I should start the piece; but they all begin with researching and sourcing by visiting places, such as public gardens to stately homes. I’ll then either start to paint in the traditional way or digitally, depending on the piece and how it’s going. I’ll scan anything I do in acrylic to finalize the digital print, which I really enjoy, as I can adjust and change things like the colour many times along the way.

In your eyes, what role does art play in a home?

It makes a house feel like a home; it’s personal to the individuals that live there and is a familiar permanence to return to. It can also be a great talking point and conversation starter with everyone having their own take on a piece.

As an artist, what legacy do you hope to leave behind?

To allow others to escape in images as they wish; to create their own story without being told the narrative.

Simone Webb’s work is now available on Citizen Atelier. Explore here.