Inside Our New Exclusive Collaboration with Artist Simone Webb

Inside Our New Exclusive Collaboration with Artist Simone Webb

We’re thrilled to unveil British artist Simone Webb’s brand new collection of floral prints created exclusively for Citizen Atelier.

Known for her limited-edition and original artwork, Webb’s compelling aesthetic is based on themes of flora and fauna. Each piece juxtaposes “the beautiful with the morbid”, with fragile flowers emerging from stark backgrounds. Though the most significant element of her work is how it captures fleeting moments in nature, evoking the idea of permanence through art.

To kick off this collaboration, we recently interviewed Simone to get her take on the impact of art in a space, creating immortal florals, and more.

Simone Webb
Simone Webb

What inspired this collection?

I wanted to highlight the natural beauty that surrounds us, but can also live on when it comes to the end of their short lived days; a never ending beauty, so to speak.

Take us behind-the-scenes of your creative process.

I love to visit public gardens and stately homes and castles. They offer a variety of flowers I may not usually come across, as well as beautiful art and interiors, which give me inspiration for my pieces. When I get back to the studio, I like to play around with composition ideas. Then, I either begin with the digital process or, depending on the piece, I will start off with acrylics and scan in to continue the process.

Tellurian Riches
Tellurian Riches

What type of statement do you feel this collection makes in a space?

I like to think it lifts the mood and adds a pop of colour. The gold elements also add a regal feel, whilst both the darker and lighter pieces lend towards a more masculine or feminine feel depending on its surroundings.

What’s the best way to showcase our new pieces?

Personally, I believe they really speak and stand out for themselves particularly in a minimal setting with either a simple white or black frame; although they equally work well in an eclectic mix based on the tone you want to set. Each to their own, I say!


Shop our exclusive new pieces by Simone Webb here.